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While you might think that missing teeth are only an aesthetic concern, the gaps can have a drastic effect on your oral health. The good news is you can do something to prevent potential issues by turning to restorations. The dentist recommends dental implants whenever possible for the best results.

what are dental implants?

Implants are typically made of titanium and are the shape of screw-like posts. They serve as an artificial root for those who are missing teeth. If we find that you qualify for the procedure, we will create an incision in your gum to create access to your jawbone, where the dentist will drill a small hole and place the implant inside.

After stitching the gum back together, it’s time to wait for osseointegration to take place, which is the process of the jawbone and implant bonding. Once that is complete, and the area has had time to heal, we will once again open the gum and place an abutment – a small piece that serves as a connector between the implant and your custom-made dental crown.

are implants right for me?

While implants are the best restoration option, they aren’t for everyone – at least not immediately. For successful placement, we need to make sure your gums and jawbone are healthy, which includes having adequate bone density levels. If the bone has deteriorated too much, you would need a bone graft to strengthen it.

what are the benefits of an implant?

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    Prevents facial sagging

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    Decreases speed of bone deterioration through proper stimulation

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    Lets you eat your favorite foods

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    Allows you to speak normally

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    Looks and feels natural

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    Can last a lifetime

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