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While we recommend dental implants due to their unmatched restorative benefits, they aren’t right for everyone. In these cases, a bridge is a worthy alternative, and it can even be used in tandem with implants to restore multiple teeth.

what are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are exactly what they sound like. They bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth without the need for oral surgery. We use the surrounding teeth, called abutment teeth, as anchors for your new artificial teeth, called pontics. When combined, they create the bridge.

The abutment teeth can be natural or supported by implants. Either way, they will be capped with crowns. If they are your natural teeth, the dentist will shave them down first to provide a foundation to cement the crown in place. Once that’s finished, she will bond the pontic to the crowns.

is a bridge right for me?

If you are trying to avoid oral surgery, bridges are often your best option if you have surrounding teeth that can bond to the pontic. While bridges don’t stimulate the jawbone like dental implants, they are still an adequate restoration. If you are unsure which method is best for your situation, we will be happy to go over everything during your consultation.

what are the benefits of bridges?

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    Prevents teeth from shifting

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    Prevents facial sagging

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    Restores your smile

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    Allows you to eat your favorite foods

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    Natural-looking and long-lasting

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