Things You Didn't Know About Dental Cavities

November 8, 2022

Most people at some point in their lives have been affected by this problem and they need a Murfreesboro or Nashville dentist. The truth is that in our dental clinic we treat patients with this oral health problem daily.

However, there are probably aspects that you are unaware of. Here we are going to discuss things about caries that you may not have heard of.  

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What Are Cavities and What Causes Them?

Tooth decay is damage to the surface or enamel of a tooth, this damage is caused by certain bacteria. The bacteria can invade the living part of the tooth (dentin and pulp). To eliminate the infection, it’s necessary to see a professional.  

Some Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The More We Eat, the Higher the Risk of Caries.

When we eat, our mouth acidifies, and our dental enamel demineralizes. After each meal, remineralization takes place, but if we eat continuously, we do not allow this to occur and we will be more prone to caries. If we eat between meals, we should opt for foods that are healthy for our teeth: cheese, natural yogurt, fruit, and vegetables – and brush after each snack.

People With Asthma Are More Prone to Have Cavities

Asthmatics often use inhalers to administer their medication through the mouth. As a consequence, they produce less saliva with lower pH, which increases the incidence of caries. To avoid this, rinse and brush after each meal.

If You Sleep with Your Mouth Open...

If we breathe with our mouth open while we sleep, we run a greater risk of having cavities than those who breathe through the nose, as it lowers the pH level of the mouth and, therefore, demineralizes the enamel. Sleeping on your side can help us avoid this.

Sweets Are Not the Main Cause of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not caused only by candy, jellybeans, and sweets. Foods rich in carbohydrates are the main causes of tooth decay, especially the most processed forms of starch: white bread, cookies, and pastries. Also, packaged juices or ice cream are culprits, which usually contain a lot of sugars.

It’s Contagious

When we are born, our mouth is sterile and is gradually invaded by germs. There are studies that have shown that the bacteria responsible for tooth decay can be transmitted by the people close to us, sharing ice cream, or drinking from the same cup.

Cavities Don’t Always Hurt and Are Not Always Visible to the Naked Eye

We can have dental caries without feeling any pain. Tooth decay does not cause pain when it only affects the enamel, but it does when it reaches the dentin and the nerve of the tooth. Similarly, not all cavities are visible to the naked eye. That is why regular visits to the dentist are so important to detect them in time.  

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Do You Need a Murfreesboro or Nashville Dentist? We Are Here for You.

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